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Portals for Justice

True Empowerment

streamWrite has a long legacy working with courts, and is dedicated to helping  improve efficiency and access to justice, with customers throughout the United States.  Combining a consultative approach with tremendous expertise in voice, video, data, and web solutions, we help courts to leverage the data and rules in case management, jury management systems and other databases - to provide convenience to the public so they can resolve court matters and fulfill civic duties.  Portals for Justice benefits courts in many ways, including better juror yields, reduced FTA's, reduced receivables, reduced backlog in cases and much more.  Solutions include:

VCourt - a virtual court appearance solution that gives courts the freedom and flexibility they want. VCourt automates the process of securely registering for remote hearings and attending them, whether by phone or video.  VCourt is unlike any other remote appearance solution, and is rapidly evolving to incorporate additional key capabilities. 

Jury Portals - an Interactive Voice, Web and Text solution (IVR, IWR, ITR) and is an indispensable court solution providing jurors quick and easy access for reporting information, court instructions and more. Jurors can opt in to receive phone or text reminders prior to their service date.   

Traffic and Criminal Portals (Web and Phone) - a very robust interface that enables the public to access via phone or web: traffic ticket information, pay fines, register for traffic school, get status updates on traffic school certificates, make payment plans, receive hearing reminders, etc.  The Case Lookup module provides secure public access to case information such as mandatory appearances, warrants, payment plans and fines.


Portals Communications is a powerful and easy to use outbound reminder system that can provide notifications via phone, text, or email (via SMTP) for a variety of items based on the unique needs of your court.  Whether it's for pre-trial reminders, payment due dates, collections notices, or other events, reminder templates are easy to set up and campaigns can easily be launched.

Data Visualization Services - Using a consultative approach, expertise working with data, and Microsoft Power BI, our team creates a graphical and interactive representation of data for clients.  We draw granular data from multiple sources into an interactive dashboard and reports that bring your data to life. By helping to provide powerful insights, organizations can measure and communicate performance, forecast demand, determine budgets, and act more quickly. 

Traffic Courtesy Notice Process Automation - With this streamWrite module, the court can automate courtesy notices for traffic including: final notices for FTAs, automatic convictions in the case management system and notification to your collections company.

The easy-to-use Web interface provides a report for the presiding judge to approve the cases for conviction. A simple click-and submit interface launches the conviction process for all cases occurring that week.

Tentative Rulings - Post your tentative rulings quickly and efficiently to the Web and to your phone system with our Tentative Rulings module. The easy to use Web interface will assist your employees in getting this task handled without delay.

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