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Traffic and Criminal Portals

streamWrite Traffic and Criminal Portals is an invaluable tool to courts because it reduces the lines at courthouses, reduces the volume of calls that must be answered by staff, and helps improve court finances.  With 25 years experience, streamWrite has a refined, robust solution that provides 24/7 access to fine payments, case information, and more. Portals can integrate with any case management system and is available in premise, cloud, and hybrid configurations.

Courts offering self-service access to information by phone in addition to online access note a remarkable reduction foot traffic at the courthouse, a reduction in phone calls that staff must answer and a significant volume of payments by phone.  

Self-service access to:

  • Court and appearance information 

  • Fine and bail payment 

  • Traffic school request 

  • Trial requests 

  • Record searches 

  • Warrant information 

  • Proof of correction information 

  • Proof of insurance coverage information  


Other Features:

  • Reminders by phone email and/or SMS.

  • Collections notices

  • Payment Plans 


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