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Portals for eGovernment

In addition to our work with courts (see Portals for Justice) streamWrite has worked with a variety of agencies to improve access to services and information.

Portals for Elections - Automation of information for registration process, absentee ballot forms, poll sites, volunteer services and staffing.

Portal for Public Health – Bioterrorism notification and information gathering from multiple agencies and healthcare services.


Portals for Child Support Services - Automation of status payments and legal case status for Child Support Services.


Portals for Utility Billing - Automation of balance due, due date, service cutoff and credit card payments via phone and Web. Outbound call notifications and SMS/Text Reminders of service cutoff.


Portals for Treasurer Tax Collector - Automation of property tax payment via phone and Web.

Portals for Public Works - Automation of building permit processes, update permit status, and scheduling of permit officers and inspectors.

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