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Portals for Health & Human Services

Some of the most rewarding work we do is working with organizations that help those in need.  streamWrite is a proven leader, working with County and State Health & Human Service Agencies to improve access to information for various welfare programs.   

By optimizing your organization’s workflows and driving out manual processes where it makes sense, we can help maximize staff efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Welfare Benefits IVR/IWR - Obtain information on how to apply for benefits, order a replacement benefits card, apply by phone or web, request forms, obtain account balances, and more.  Programs served include SNAP, Welfare to Work, General Assistance, Medicare, and more.

Foster Care Tracking - a comprehensive workflow that helps to track every foster care child in every home, and virtually eliminates foster care overpayments.  This has saved larger agencies millions of dollars.

Call Routing Engine - is a smart and sophisticated way of providing a centralized interaction queue in environments where multiple disparate contact center technologies exist, such as statewide systems or hospital systems that have merged. Call Routing Engine uses CTI (computer telephony integration) to monitor queue statistics and agent availability in real time to make routing decisions based on the service level rules established. 

Voice Attestations/Recording - facilitates the ability for applicants to securely apply for benefits by phone. This provides many benefits, such as increased participation level in programs that are subsidized by the federal government, like SNAP.  This helps those in need renew benefits before they expire and avoiding a lengthy, re-application process.  Voice attestations serve as a digital signature, are secure, and reduce lines and foot traffic at government offices.

Adult and Aging Interactive is an IVR and Web solution that provides accessible services to providers and recipients of in home supportive services. Access to information regarding timecard and paycheck status, how to apply for benefits, forms, address changes, and more is essential. With many agencies facing limited or shrinking budgets, furlough days, and staff reductions, this solution reduces high volumes of telephone and in-person

Notification Services - when natural disasters disrupt the normal operation of government agencies, and offices are closed or services like postal delivery are impacted, it's critical to be able to provide updates to the public. Text, Phone and email notifications can be easily implemented and these services can be integrated with government databases. 

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