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Jury Portals

Summary:  Jury Portals is an indispensable court solution providing jurors convenient and accurate  reporting information and court instructions via Interactive Voice, Web and Text (IVR, IWR, ITR) as well as reminders.   Jury Portals leads to higher jury yields and happier jurors while increasing staff efficiency. 

Problem:  Each summons creates a tremendous amount of work for jury staff.  Without sufficient self-service options, jury staff must deal with a higher volume of phone calls, check voicemail messages, return calls and record lengthy voicemail messages with multiple updates, while still handling postponements and other requests.  With increasing cases and staffing and budget limitations, this is a major challenge.

Solution:  Jury Portals is tightly integrated with your jury management system, giving jurors the ability to check status 24 hours a day by phone, web or text, request postponements, receive reminders, and obtain important court instructions without tying up valuable staff time.

Key Features:

  • Postponement requests handled by IVR/IWR/ITR are based on rules set in jury management system.  Eligible Jurors can select new date from options.

  • Automated group reporting instructions, emergency messages, video juror instructions,  questionnaires FTA Info, workflow for work certificate requests.

  • Unable to appear notification, requests to be disqualified, court information.

  • Jurors can opt in to receive a reminder message by text or phone call before service date, reducing FTA rates.

  • Some jury management systems offering a kiosk module may present an opportunity to create touchless juror self-check-ins via mobile device. 

  • Web based interface for managing court hours, holidays, transfer extensions, emergency message, and other important parameters.

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Jury Portals Interactive Texting is fully automated, providing 24/7 convenience 

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