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Hybrid Hearings

Courts have gone through unprecedented change since March 2020, quickly adopting video and remote appearance technologies out of necessity during the pandemic.  The adoption of remote video appearances provided many benefits, including continuity of legal proceedings, protecting the health and safety of judges, court employees and the public, flexibility, efficiency and more. 

The ever-evolving technology landscape presents new tools and opportunities to achieve better results and drive greater efficiencies, including:  


Manual scheduling of court appearances can be time consuming for staff.  Publishing meeting links on the court website draws unwanted participants, security issues, and requires screening when people join.

VCourt automates the scheduling of remote court appearances via a website that integrates with identity management systems, and a court's case management system(s) or Courtstack virtual CMS.  VCourt enables attorneys and participants to self-register via the court website and receive unique instructions for the appearance. Tremendous time is saved by not having to manually schedule attendees or screen parties prior to a session. 

Digital Evidence

Smart phones and body worn cameras by law enforcement have become ubiquitous.  This has led to exponential  growth of digital evidence utilized in case proceedings, including documents, photos, video and audio .  More than ever, Courts need a secure, easy-to-use solution for receiving, reviewing, admitting, presenting and storing digital evidence.

Unicorn Digital Courtroom (UDC)

Tech Unicorn UDC is designed around court processes and emulates the physical courtroom environment by providing many of the same capabilities for litigants to check in, communicate, and participate in hearings, while providing court staff with ultimate control over managing hearings.  

UDC Recording and Transcription Solution

Utilizing a modern, software-based approach to court recordings and transcriptions is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional hardware-based models.  UDC leverages AI for voice attribution of all  hearing participants, whether in the courtroom or appearing remotely.  Along with a robust, near-real time transcription tool, staff can work more efficiently and deliver accurate records quickly.

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