Save Money with Virtual Court Appearances

VCourt is Streamwrite’s virtual court appearance module that will save the court very large amounts of money when implemented. According to the Huffington Post article on the subject of virtual court appearances, the tools are used in all types of court from large to small and the savings can be staggering, up to $30 million in one court. This technology is exploding.

How it works:

  • The public can register for a VCourt virtual appearance using our web interface

  • The case number is used to pull the appearance information from the case management system

  • The Streamwrite credit card payment module processes a secure transaction to collect the payment and post the payment and appearance information back to the case management system

  • The appearance is also scheduled in the VCourt employee web interface

  • Reminders can be set by the public user by text or email

  • Attorneys are given the option to register for multiple virtual appearances in a single session prior to making payment

  • Our VCourt Operator Console allows court staff to manage the virtual appearances with the case number to help identify the party to the case

  • Can be deployed by any division the court or phased in by division


Deployment Options:

Our VCourt Virtual Appearance module can be deployed either as an on premise or hosted solution.

Our on premise solution gives you control over the asset and ownership over licensing and device. We can install the system in your secure data center and will provide proper training and a support contract to ensure that the system serves you for years to come.

With our cloud solution, we manage the servers and the services completely in our cloud and create a secure connection to the court. All ongoing maintenance, upgrades and service issues are handled by our Streamwrite Cloud Services team.

Court Money to be Saved:

There is no question that by deploying effective technology in the court, our customers return very large sums of money to their bottom line. We frequently see a return on investment in under one year. Join the courts that are saving money and let us help you with your virtual appearance needs.