Proceedings Overview

Proceedings is StreamWrite’s fast, reliable, easy-to-use in-court processing system for court clerks. Using a sophisticated PC program with a simple interface, the clerk accesses the court calendar, records all court events, produces minute orders and other court documents, and updates the court’s case management system in real time during the court hearing. When a case is called the clerk simply selects the case from a list and records events using a straightforward interface that is designed to follow the flow of a hearing. When the hearing is over, the push of a button updates the appropriate back office systems in the background, while the clerk starts work on the next hearing. Trailing matters, inputting future events, pulling in cases not previously on calendar and much more are made available in our very easy to use interface.

Key Features

  • Designed to work with any case management system

  • Can work with multiple case management systems offering a single and consistent interface

  • Easy client installation (no user administration afterwards)

  • Rapid data entry eliminates redundant input and reduces data entry errors

  • Fully integrated with your case management system

Court Products

StreamWrite and its business partners offer a wide array of court applications, including:

  • Jury IVR / IWR

  • Comprehensive Jury Management

  • Traffic IVR / IWR

  • Criminal IVR / IWR

  • Traffic Ticket Automated Processing

  • Live Call Center Agent Support

Streamline Your operation with StreamWrite Proceedings...