More & More Portals

The list of portals we make available through Streamwrite Portals is virtually endless. While leveraging your existing business data from a variety of divergent systems we can offer limitless possibilities for process improvement, customer and employee access. Here are a few examples:

PhonePortal – Offer telephone access to much needed information and functionality to users both inside and outside your organization

WebPortal – A simple plug in allows you to extend the reach of the system to web users

TextPortal – Our TextPortal gives access to data and information interactively using interactive text (SMS) capabilites that we designed into our platform and work from any text capable phone

HelpDeskPortal – Create a help desk portal so users can be kept up on ticket status; information can be given to users on demand or proactively based on status change or time elapsed

PaymentPortal – Making it quick and easy to pay helps improve the cash flow and the bottom line; Our payment portal makes it easy and with integration to our OutboundPortal, proactive payment notifications and further simplify and improve the process

AgentPortal – Do you have work tasks that are unnecessarily complicated and / or redundant? Our agent portal gives access to streamlined workflow processes that are created and tailored specifically to your line-of-business requirements and shave $$$ from the bottom line

CollectionsPortal – By offering on demand and proactive (outbound) access to collection accounts and payment functions we can help you drive increased collections revenue from your past due accounts

OutboundPortal – Proactively communications for whatever the business needs: appointment reminders, bill due, critical status notifications, etc. OutboundPortal supports any combination of phone, text and email notifications

Many more portals await. This list is only a small sampling of portals we have on hand. Industry specific portals are available for government agencies, insurance companies, shipping, education, finance and more.


Delivery Model

StreamWrite Portals can be delivered one of two ways:

  1. Our premise version runs as a server-based, software application in your data center
  2. Our software as a service model is delivered as a subscription service that is managed by our team and hosted in the StreamWrite Cloud data center


Streamline Your Business with StreamWrite Portals

Enterprises today suffer from disconnected systems and processes that are decentralized and dispersed across multiple departments and and many workers. Systems frequently do not interconnect as you need creating more work, training, overhead and reduced morale.

Enter StreamWrite Portals, your single solution to unifying back office systems, employee work flow processes and customer access to information and critical functions. All of this from a single platform with the intelligence to share information across any number of Portals!

With StreamWrite Portals, our robust customer, self-service / business process automation platform, enterprises can accomplish almost anything. From customer payment portals by web & phone to interactive texting applications to automation of redundant business tasks, StreamWrite Portals leverages the critical information stored in your back office systems to enable a host of services across any number of service and workflow portals that we create and host for you on the Portals system.

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